In every walk with nature one recives more than he seeks

John Muir once said: “ In every walk with nature one recives more than he seeks.”

We strongly agree with him because nature offers one of the most significant boost to our mental and physical health. Do you like to explore nature? Do you like picnics? Do you enjoy a relaxing day in the middle of the forest? Do you love all that but you are not very thrilled about all the luggage you have to take with you?

Because we also love enjoying the nature we thought about a solution that help us avoid the unnecessary stress that comes with packing our stuff, for every little trip. We used to take with us big blankets, towels, bags, but now, everytime we go out, we have with us our CRIDD pocket blanket. We just fold it and attach it to our backpack. It is an amazing little thing and beside that , it can help you make some great memories.

Let us tell you a funny story:

Once upon a time, but not long ago, our family went for a trip, in order to visit some old churches in the north side of the country. After hours and hours of driving we figured out that our GPS was not working properly and we got lost. At first, we were angry and nervous because our initial destination was still far away, there were no restaurants or stores in the area and we were surrounded only by plains and forests . Then, not far from the side of the road, we saw a meadow. We instanly realised that we had that magnificant little thing with us: our CRIDD pocket blanket. We stoped the car, get out and unfold it. We fix the stakes in every corner, we lay on it and had the best of times. And that’s how CRIDD pocket blanket transformed our bad day and helped us enjoy our spontaneous family adventure.

Since we felt so great we decided to share it with all of you and we put it on sale .

We hope you will like it as much as we do!

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