In addition to customer feeds

we release a new pocket with an innovative design and better quality:

Our product have features:

  •   Large but very Small and lightweight, can be folded for easy carrying( when fully open this pocket blanket allows 2-3 people to stay on, but is folded size is only 4.7×3.6 inches)
  •   Light and ultra thin
  •   Ribbon with portable, easy to carry ( with pouch and good quality carabiner)
  •   Velcro edge for easy folding
  •   Remains cool to the touch even on hot summer days
  •   Pocket for valuables
  •  4 corner sand pockets : these can be filled with sand or stones
  •  Ultra-soft fabrics, resistance soiling ( with this material, all you have to do is just need to shake the sand off and enjoy a sand free experience)
  • The fabric is water resistant, moisture-proof performance is good ( this pocket blanket is made from a premium rip stop nylon material and when sit on this blanket, there is no need to worry about water would penetrate through it and wet yourself)

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