Best places to camp in the U.S. ( part I )

Going away for a short time and admiring the nature is one of the best activities you can do. Do you feel the need to do that but you can’t decide where to go? We are here to help: we selected a few places for you to enjoy, to feel free and have a good time.

  • Wisconsin: Wyalusing Hardwood Forest

Here, besides relaxing in the middle of nature, you have a lot of hunting and fishing opportunities.

  • Montana: Glacier National Park

Here you can find hiking trails, receded glaciers, more than a thousand camping spots.

  • Arizona: Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

It is accessible all year and if you go, you have the opportunity to admire one of the largest desert bodies of water in the world. You can hike, climb, stroll, or just take a sun bath.

  • Arkansas: Hot Springs National Park

You will find here a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Maine: Acadia National Park

For sure, you’ll find something to love in Acadia National Park. For whatever you want to do in your camping experience, Acadia provides. You can choose to enjoy the waves, you can climb the mountains or go deep into the woods in any direction.

Whatever place do you pick for your camping adventure, don’t forget to take with you, your CRIDD pocket blanket! It will be very useful and you won’t even feel it.

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