Best places to camp in the U.S. ( part II )

If you are still in doubt when it comes to the perfect place for your next camping adventure, we want to recommend you some great places, that you will enjoy for sure.

  • California: Yosemite National Park

Because 95% of the park is completely natural, here you won’t be bothered by cars, ATVs, or other distractions. Here you will be alone with the beautiful nature and you’ll be able to relax and take full advantage of your little escape.

  • New York: The Adirondack Park

This is the place for you if you just long for the space to do as you please. You can camp on your own personal island, you can walk miles among the trees, boat, sail, canoe, climb, hike. If is something that you can not do here, you don’t need it.

  • Colorado: Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

If you are a climbing enthusiast, this is the place for you. The rocking mountains are waiting for you.

  • South Dakota: Badlands National Park

Painted rocks, climbing opportunities, camping is just the tip of the iceberg, here in Badlands National Park.

  • Your own backyard

Do you think we are joking? We are not. From time to time, there is nothing wrong in just enjoy a night, in your backyard. You can lie on your CRIDD pocket blanket and just admire the stars. You’ll be fresh and happy the next morning.

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