Your first camping trip – short guide

So you want to go camping for the very first time. You won’t regret this decision. You will return home happier and stress-free.

Going camping is easy, simple, cheap and a lot of fun.

Why go camping? We already told you: it is a very relaxing experience, it is cheap and you could have a lot of fun.

What you’ll need for a camping trip? You can’t go with your hands in your pockets, you do need a few basic things like a backpack with clothes, food, insect repellant, matches, a flashlight, a first aid kit etc.

How to find camp sites? You can read our previous articles and you’ll find some of the best recommendations. Thankfully, in our country, the camping places are abundant.

What can you do on a camping day? First, you can just relax and enjoy the nature. If you are an active person and you get bored easily you can try to go hiking, climbing, you can explore the woods or take a sun bath. Beside that, if you go with your family or friends, you can spend some quality time together.

What are the best clothes to wear? Just check the weather reports and pack comfortable clothes and don’t forget about extra socks.

What about food? Pack some easy to prepare food and you’ll be alright. If you want, you can also check our blog and you will find some ideas about the supplies regarding your meals in the middle of nature.

In the end, don’t forget to take with you the CRIDD pocket blanket. It will be your best friend and a great help.

We wish you a great trip! Be safe and have fun!

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