Camping Tips: 5 things to know before you go ( part II )

As we talked before, it is very important to be prepared if you want to go and spend some quality time in the middle of nature. We get it: the city can be exhausted, you are always under pressure, there is a lot of stress and you need a break! We understand you, everybody feels it once in a while. If you want to go away, get rid of the stress and enjoy the freedom, we present you some tips & tricks, so you can have a good time.

●   Play the camping game safe: Choose a safe spot, don’t go alone in the middle of the woods. Camp near others, so, in the case of an emergency, you can ask for help. Trust us, other people won’t disturb you, they also need to relax and enjoy their free time.

  • Be aware of the sun: wear protection lotion, wear a hat and sunglasses and drink plenty of water.

  • Avoid ticks as much as you can: Always use insect repellent, wear high socks and avoid high grass, because ticks can be very dangerous.
  • Leave the campsite as you found it: there is no need to tell you why, because we are sure that you already know. It is a sign of respect, so throw your trash, if you made any fire, make sure it is out etc.
  • Pack your pocket blanket: You know that our CRIDD pocket blanket it is very easy to pack. After you used it, you can fold it and keep it in your car, so you can use it again the next time you want to escape. Actually, you can even keep it attached to your keys.

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