10 camping tips & tricks

If the time has come for you to go on a camping adventure, here are 10 useful tips & tricks. You are welcome!

  • Take with you a survival kit! Throw it in your backpack and you will be saved in case of emergency.
  • Take enough water with you! You will need it for hydration and also for washing your hands, your face and everything else.

  • Keep your perishables cold!
  • Take matches with you and you’ll be ready for any fire you might need!
  • Organize your camping supplies in tubs and plastic bags.
  • Must take the marshmallows! No fire without it! We bet, you already know why.
  • Don’t forget the insect repellant! One can never know what will find in the woods, so is better to be safe than sorry.
  • A good pocket knife is always useful. There will be a tin to open or something to cut.
  • An umbrella is a must. It can protect you from rain and sun.
  •  Don’t forget your CRIDD pocket blanket!

If you are an enthusiastic camper and you have anything to add, keep the conversation open because we are looking forward for your advices! Please share your thoughts with us!

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