CRIDD is an inovative company buit from our feelings: the urge to get out and the need of freedom. Nature give us a lot of opportunities and ideas, and maximizing them is the best thing to do. We create equipment for indoor and outdoor activites.

We create pocket blankets, in order to help you have the best time, when you want to spend a few hours feeling the wind, catch some sun rays or when you simply want to relax in the nature.

We focus to implement to our products the latest technology of coating to protect textile to make better waterproof but remain breathable. The PU coating technology gives a whole range of desirable new properties.

We implement the coating to our pocket blanket and extraordinary things happened. The most common use is a material superhydrophobic, or water and oil repellent.



The coating to our pocket blanket offers a secondary benefit preventing the accumulation of water, which is a food source for bacteria and fungi prohibiting growth.

Our pocket blanket is breathable and waterproof ( up to 1000mm) that can be termed as water repellent blanket.

The polyurethane ( PU) coated  adopted to our pocket blanket stop the fabric from absorbing any water: the water should bead up and roll off just as some pretty catalogues illustrate.

What makes PU- coating of value is the fact that water vapour can slowly diffuse through it, and this makes the fabric breathable.

The main factors highlighted in coating our pocket blanket are water repellence , easy cleaning ( liquids and stains cannot damage the fibres and are more easily removed) and invisibility ( because the coating is below the micro range, they are invisible and keep the flexibility and feel or handle intact).

The breathable property we adopt to eliminate the discomfort created when the sun temperature rise and the water from the grass will evaporate and settle on the surface of the blanket, and if it is not breathable material will remain wet and makes it difficult to wrap.

The terms “breathable” implies that the fabric is actively ventilated. This is not the case. Breathable fabrics passively allow vapor to diffuse through the yet still preventing the penetration of liquid water. Breathability to pocket blanket is a technology with pores of the material to be smaller than a drop of liquid water but larger than a water molecule, thus they are too small to allow liquid water to pass through, but large enough to allow the passage of molecules of water vapor.

The desirable properties of waterproof breathable pocket blanket are listed below.

  • water proofness ( up to 1000mm)
  • good air and water vapor permeability
  • rapid drying
  • durable ( tear, peel, abrasion resistance)
  • easy care
  • hydrostatic resistance
  • lightweight
  • soft and pleansant touch

Manufacturers describe the waterproof of fabrics using millimeters (mm) and is a measure of how waterproof a fabric is. In the case of 5000 mm fabric , if a square tube with inner dimensions 1″x1″ over a piece of fabric, it will be filled with a water height of 5000 mm ( 16,4 feet) before water would begin to leak through.