CRIDD pocket blanket nylon

pocket blanket can prove to be perfect suitable for beach, camping, hiking, concerts and festivals, parks and other places when traveling with light baggage or backpacking.

CRIDD pocket blanket is water repellent (to keep you clean and dry) and puncture resistant ( to protect you from dirt, rocks, twigs and sand), can be easily folded and packed back into the attached storage pouch.

Why do you need a pocket blanket?
While a portable blanket may not be exactly something that you need for survival, having one at your disposal can certainly make your life easier. It is something that you need to have anywhere, for greater comfort, whether you need to enjoy the outdoors anytime, or at an airport because of a flight delay or have to take shelter in the wilderness overnight with no proper place to rest.

Pocket blanket has four 4 stakes to improve performance on all kind of terrain an breezy days ( when the wind could blow it away).

Pocket blanket can be widely used:
1. in outdoor: for picnic mats, beach mats, walk/hike seat mats ;
2. at home: for children crawling pad, indoor game pad, sleeping pad;
3. protecting the car  for sun block ;
4. in hotels for nap mat
5. in indoor or outdoor for yoga practice

Pocket blanket nylon


  •   Large but very Small and lightweight, can be folded for easy carrying( when fully open this pocket blanket allows 2-3 people to stay on, but is folded size is only 4.7×3.6 inches)
  •   Light and ultra thin
  •   Ribbon with portable, easy to carry ( with pouch and good quality carabiner)
  •   Velcro edge for easy folding
  •   Remains cool to the touch even on hot summer days
  •   Pocket for valuables
  •  4 corner sand pockets : these can be filled with sand or stones
  •  Ultra-soft fabrics, resistance soiling ( with this material, all you have to do is just need to shake the sand off and enjoy a sand free experience)
  • The fabric is water resistant, moisture-proof performance is good ( this pocket blanket is made from a premium rip stop nylon material and when sit on this blanket, there is no need to worry about water would penetrate through it and wet yourself)

– Pocket blanket it’s water resistant and sand resistant, that you could on a rainy day, that you could cover your belongings to protect.
– Pocket blanket is coated with PU and makes this material to be a sand free experience , all you have to do is to shake it off.

CRIDD pocket blanket